About us

The founder of Bidjobber.com is a construction veteran with approximately 30 years of Construction Development & Architectural Design experience. His mission while developing Bidjobber.com was to create a simple yet powerful web based application to assist the building community with the vertical construction process. Realizing that not all companies work alike, he has developed this site with the components of a true application that can be customized to match your office standards.

Bidjobber.com represents a breakthrough for General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, Service Providers and Homeowners; giving them a powerful set of tools to facilitate the bid-management process, find new work, acquire material quotes and ensure the best possible service for the best possible price.

Bidjobber.com works as a streamlined system with four major steps:

  1. General Contractors or Building Owners post their project and/or material quote requests. 
  2. Subcontractors, Suppliers and Service Providers are notified of a project and/or material quote request when it falls within their trade preferences. 
  3. Subcontractors, Suppliers and Service Providers view project information, plans, specs, etc. online and submit a bid or estimate. 
  4. General Contractors or Building Owners are notified of a new bid/estimate and select the winning bid or network with providers to discuss project details.  

In addition, members can search through jobs, post to the Bidjobber.com classifieds, network with other contractors and sub-contractors. All of this can be accomplished with the convenience of their computer or handheld device.

Bidjobber.com essentially combines the elements of several bid sites, networking sites, and construction classifieds into one easy-to-use online program – thus streamlining the bid process, saving time and money, and reducing the need for printed materials.”